Hound Dawg



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The Hound Dawg, often known as “The Hound Dawg,” is a indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% indica and 20% sativa) produced by crossing the renowned White male Hash Plant X Chem Dawg D strains. Thanks to its extremely high 30% average THC level, this bud has a super powerful high that lasts for hours. You’ll feel an intense feeling of euphoria after your final puff, which fills your mind with random bliss, eliminating any anxious or fast ideas. This quickly shifts into a profound sense of calmness, leaving you practically motionless physically.

Hound Dawg is an indica-dominant strain with a high THC concentration. It’s excellent for treating problems such as chronic stress, sadness, sleeplessness, and pain thanks to these effects and its high THC level. This bud has a pungent earthy diesel fragrance that becomes sweet herbs and spices when burned. The flavor is quite earthy with a spicy herbal undertone that grows sour on each pungent exhale. Hound Dawg nuggets have fluffy oblong olive green trichomes with dark undertones and tiny amber crystal droplets throughout.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g