Mint Face Off


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Born from the legendary union of Face Off OG and Kush Mint strains, Mint Face Off is a hybrid strain that slightly leans towards sativa (60% sativa/40% indica). This strain is like a superstar child, with a potency level that can woo even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Imagine, your face melting off (in a purely blissful way, of course) as a powerful wave of euphoria washes over you. This cheeky strain doesn’t rush you into the high, instead, it sneaks up like a playful prankster, gradually infusing your mind and body with a potent punch. As your mind ascends into a cloud of happiness, slightly disoriented but happy, your body will follow, sinking deeper and deeper into your comfy couch, surrendering to a profound physical calm. This perfect blend of effects quickly transforms into a sedative, luring you into a peaceful slumber before you even realise it. With its staggering 30-33% average THC level, Mint Face Off is the go-to choice for seasoned patients grappling with chronic pain, neuropathy, stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia. This bud tantalizes your taste buds with a unique concoction of sweet and sour citrus, minty orange flavour, and a skunky black pepper and floral sage aroma that lingers. It’s a party of flavours in your mouth!

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