Slurmintz is a Slurricane and Platinum Kush Mints cross that brings only the best features of each strain into the mix. The smell is a slight minty aroma with a touch of berry and skunk. It’s buds are laced thick with shiny little trichomes and when you crack open one of these dense nugs, a snowscape appears. The effect hits first in the front of the skull like a thick haze and as it settles in the brain for an absolute state of comfort and euphoria. The smoke tastes as the aroma does but with a slight bit more skunk. Be prepared for someone to find the smell floating their way and then asking for a hit. This bud is best smoked while sitting on a yacht in English Bay. Magma is made with PURE cannabis rosin .  Nothing else, no fillers and no additives.  This 510 thread cartridge is made with pure solventless extracts .