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Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Plant variety Tutankhamon

Tutankhamun is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that consists of 80 percent of Sativa genetics and 20 percent of Indica genetics. Tutankhamun can cause a real brain explosion, allowing you to give out maximum productivity from your body.
Frosty flowers obtained from this strain contain an impressive THC content of 25 percent. This is enough to gain mental abilities, non-standard thoughts, and creativity.

Effects on the body

The power of Tutankhamun’s smoke is directed at both the body and the mind, making it more energetic and relaxed at the same time. The thoughts in the head produced by this strain are characterized by deep thoughts, meditative states, and sometimes interesting and varied sensations. The body feels lightness, drowsiness and anesthetic effect.
Tutankhamun has a pleasant taste that spreads through the smoker’s tongue. The strain has the aromas of cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, honey, licorice, and toffee. The aromas produced by this strain are equally charming and show the smells of orange, sweetness, and earthiness.

Growing Features

Tutankhamun plants are low and usually reach a height of about 75 cm. This small growth makes them a good plant for growing in closed conditions. If you grow a plant indoors or in a greenhouse, expect a crop of about 600 g per square meter.
If you plan to grow this variety in the open air or garden beds, you can count on high yields. The flowering time of plants is approximately 60 days, and the harvest time for outdoor plants usually occurs around mid-October.

Additional information

  • Pain 10/10
  • Nausea 7/10
  • Insomnia 8/10
  • Depressed 8/10
  • Anxiety 4/10
  • Sedated 2/10
  • Euphoric 10/10
  • Relaxed 10/10
  • Dry Eyes 2/10
  • Creative 4/10
  • Highest Test 23%
  • Strain Average 20%
  • Sativa Average 12%
  • GG4 Average 96/100
  • GG4 Highest 93/100



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