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Such concentrates have a second name – extracts. They are a group of substances consisting practically of pure cannabinoids THC or CBD. They are obtained by extraction – extraction of active substances from hemp using a suitable solvent. Since cannabinoids are highly soluble in alcohol, earlier butanol or ethanol were most often used as an extractant. However, in recent decades, science has made great strides, which has enabled extraction with carbon dioxide and pure hydrocarbons.

Cannabis cultivation for extraction

To improve the quality of concentrates by buying shatter online, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • Use organic soil
  • Do not spray the bushes
  • No pesticides

Differences between concentrates and hemp head:

  • Cannabis concentrates are more effective in terms of effects on the body
  • Grass can be used only in two ways – during combustion and evaporation.
  • Concentrates can be eaten, made from them tinctures or consumed in pure form (You can look on the Internet how to smoke shatter)

Types of hemp concentrates
There are a large number of different shatter drug and only the most popular ones are listed in the table below.

hashish Live oil Shatter Wax Distillate Crumble
compressed briquettes shatter weed, which can be plastic or hard, dry or powdery. It is obtained by pressing the powder obtained by drying and grinding hemp leaves. A concentrate made using a special technology in which the newly collected cannabis is frozen to critical temperatures for extraction. A highly phyto extractions cannabis resin extract that visually looks like frozen maple syrup or wax paper. It is an analog of hash oil, the level of THC in which can reach 80%. It has become very popular due to a fairly simple manufacturing process in comparison with other types of concentrates.
May be consumed through a shatter pen.
The distillation product of cannabis inflorescences usually consists of 99.7-99.9% pure cannabinoids – THC or CBD. This is a solid shatter oil extract that, in its consistency, looks like candied honey.

The final extraction marijuana shatter is a concentrate. In fact, it is a potent hemp oil of various consistencies, the concentration of cannabinoids in which can reach 99.9%. You can buy ready online shatter Canada from, just make mail order shatter using our website. Concentrates are of several types, each of which is obtained by a different extraction method.

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